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Financing and Business Planning - Helping Your Business Thrive

Our Business and Financial Planning services in Toronto are designed to help businesses identify and obtain financing options that best suit their needs. We provide expert guidance in building business plans, identifying government-backed small financing and grants, and representing clients to the banks for asset-based lending. We also provide calculations to support leasing versus buying decisions to meet your cash requirements. Our team of professionals works with you to optimize your business processes and manage your cash flow, ultimately helping your business thrive.

  • We work with business owners to build business plans.
  • We identify government backed small financing & grants.
  • We represent clients, to the banks, for asset based lending.
  • We provide calculations to support leasing versus buying decisions.
  • Start-up financing: We help new businesses obtain financing to get off the ground.
  • Growth financing: We provide financing options for businesses looking to expand.
  • Calculations to support leasing versus buying decisions: We help you determine the most cost-effective option for acquiring assets.
  • Business plan development: We work with you to develop a comprehensive business plan that sets you up for success.
  • Government-backed small financing and grants: We identify and help you obtain financing options backed by the government.
  • Asset-based lending: We represent clients to the banks for asset-based lending.
  • Optimize cash flow: We identify redundant assets and monetize them, train your team on receivables/payables processes to maximize cash flow, and identify discretionary expenses that can be easily avoided by proper cash flow management.

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